Image Rights


ROBA IMAGES produces and markets high quality images of celebrities in the fields of entertainment, music, sports, politics, culture and the economy.
We number over 750 global clients in the print-, tv- and online media, who use our images on a daily basis.
ROBA IMAGES executes the in-house productions with celebrities at the highest level using the expertise and experience of renowned photographers, stylists, producers and hair and make-up artists.
During the production the people portrayed are included in the creative process and the commercialisation at all times. This way the person portrayed has full control over what material is marketed to which media.
Apart from the successful in-house productions with celebrities ROBA IMAGES is proud to represent the image rights of over 150 licensors.
These are leading photographers (local and international) in the portrait and people industry as well as publishing- and media-companies, who reuse image rights of celebrities via ROBA IMAGES.

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