Cast “Götz von Berlichingen”

Short note:

Photographer: Wolfgang Wilde
Date: September 4th 2013
Copyright: Wolfgang Wilde / ROBA Images

New work to be found in our archive: ‘Götz von Berlichingen’ – main actors.

Directed by Carlo Rola the well-known play ‘Götz von Berlichingen’ by Goethe has been made in to a film. In this drama about power, money and love Hennig Baum is playing the ‘knight with the iron fist’ who is linked to the famous Götz quote also known as ‘Schwäbischer Gruß’.

Other in the cast are Natalia Wörner as ruthless princess Adelheid, Maria Ehrich as Götz’ sister Maria and Dennenesch Zoudé as mysterious priest Saleema.

Produced in Czech Republic beginning of September 2013 the images of Henning Baum and others can now be purchased for editorial use.

       Baum_henning_04.09.2013Baum_henning_04.09.2013Woerner_Natalia_04.09.2013Woerner_Natalia_04.09.2013Ehrich_Maria_03.09.2013Ehrich_Maria_03.09.2013 Zoudé_Dennenesch_03.09.2013 Zoudé_Dennenesch_03.09.2013