Actor Kai Wiesinger

Short note:

Photographer: Chris Noltekuhlmann
Date: July 3rd 2012
Copyright: Chris Noltekuhlmann / ROBA Images

New images available: Kai Wiesinger by Chris Noltekuhlmann

Kai Wiesinger is one of the most popular actors on German television. He made his debut in Sönke Wortmanns “Kleine Haie”, had an appearance in “Der bewegte Mann” and in Rainer Kaufmanns “Stadtgespräch”. His biggest success until now was his play as pianist Erwin Bootz in “Comedian Harmonists”. For his work he received the Bavarian Film Award three times. Photography is just one further form of expression for him, which his passion for increases more and more in the last years.

Our new photographer Chris Noltekuhlmann portrayed Kai Wiesinger in summer 2012.  The whole series is now out and can be purchased for editorial use.

           Fotograf: Chris Noltekuhlmann Fotograf: Chris NoltekuhlmannFotograf: Chris NoltekuhlmannFotograf: Chris NoltekuhlmannFotograf: Chris NoltekuhlmannKai WiesingerFotograf: Chris NoltekuhlmannKai Wiesinger