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Photographer: Michael Reh
Date: August 8th, 2013
Copyright: Michael Reh / ROBA Images

New in our ROBA Images picture storage: current photo production with Kostja Ullmann by Michael Reh

The movie ‘A Most Wanted Man’ by director Anton Corbijn (‘Control’, ‘The American’) will be the next project for the actor Kostja Ullmann who is playing Rasheed. This spy film is based on the same-titled novel by John Le Carré in Germany better known as ’Marionetten’.

Other well-known actors are Rachel McAdams, William Dafoe, Robin Wright and recently departed Oscar-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. The Movie can be seen in Germany beginning of Autumn 2014.

The roughly 50 visuals of Kostja Ullmann shot in August 2013 in Hamburg, Hafencity are now free to purchase for editorial use.


              Kostja Ullmann Kostja UllmannKostja UllmannKostja Ullmann Kostja UllmannKostja Ullmann Kostja UllmannKostja UllmannKostja Ullmann