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Photographer: Gunnar Fuss
Date: January 2014
Copyright: Gunnar Fuss / ROBA Images

Neues Fotos in unserem Archiv: Katja Flint von Gunnar Fuss
New in our ROBA Images picture storage: current photo production with Katja Flint by Gunnar Fuss

On the occasion of the film production ‚Die Frau am Strand‘ Gunnar Fuss photographed the actress Katja Flint in January 2014.

The movie ‘Die Frau am Strand’ has been directed by Matthias Tiefenbacher (‘Liebe und andere Delikatessen) in cooperation with ARD Degeto in the South of Norway. Katja Flint plays Brigitta Nielebeck who is suffering with amnesia after a car accident. Together with her daughter Marie (Michelle Barthel) and Wibeke (Marie-Lou Sellem), Maries foster mother, Brigitte stays for holidays in the old beach house belonging to the family Nielebeck. There memories are slowly coming back which mother and daughter would rather repress.

The image serie of 29 are now free to purchase for editorial use. The whole photo production can be seen in our data archive.

               Katja Flint Katja Flint Katja FlintKatja FlintKatja FlintKatja FlintKatja FlintKatja Flint