“The most important quality of an image is to quickly capture the possibilities, given in the situation”

Wolfgang Wilde has been a part of the ROBA team of photographers for many years and supplies the agency from his huge archive. His portraits include all fields of politics, economy, TV and movies.

This renowned star photographer is famous for staging politicians in elaborate settings. You can find a sample of is current portraits of politicians right here.

Horst Seehofer Friedrich, Hans-Peter 17.04.2013Kauder, Volker 16.02.2012 Klöckner_Julia_12.02.2013 Soeder, Markus 04.09.2012Trittin, Ju¨rgen_22.03.2012 Rösler_Philipp_mit Frau_24.11.2012Sigmar Gabriel, Ueberlingen_Bodensee